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What is the Stoddert PTO?

The Stoddert Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is an extremely engaged and active group supporting the success of the school in every way. Parents, in close collaboration with the school principal, teachers, and staff, facilitate dozens of events, programs, and activities throughout the year.

We need your help! Support Stoddert and your child’s education by volunteering for the PTO. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Please contact to learn more.

The Stoddert PTO is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Tax ID# 52-1195083.

PTA to PTO Switch

On May 28, 2014 the Stoddert Elementary School Community voted on and approved a resolution that would facilitate the process of changing our parent-teacher group from a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). For the past year, the Stoddert PTA Executive Board has worked to examine and address various issues that would pave the way to making this change official.

On April 29, 2015, the Executive Board voted unanimously to officially change our name to the Benjamin Stoddert Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). In the coming weeks, we’ll take the necessary steps to fully implement this change (on our website, in our materials, with our various accounts and vendors, etc.).

Beyond changing our name, the drafting and approval of Bylaws to serve as our PTO governance document are also necessary. The first draft of our PTO Bylaws was shared with the school community via the Chalkboard on March 30, 2015 and made available on the website.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to read and comment. The Executive Board took the feedback it received and made additional edits. The latest (and hopefully very close-to-final) version is now available. Please take some time to review the draft Bylaws and submit any comments to by Wednesday, May 20.

The PTO membership will vote to approve the Bylaws during our next General PTO meeting, scheduled for Thursday, May 28, 2015 (exactly one year after we approved the resolution that started this entire process).  This will be our last general meeting of the school year.

Many individuals were actively involved in this significant year-long undertaking but two people are particularly deserving of special acknowledgment: David Clark for his tenacious work in ensuring that the legal path was cleared for us to make this change and Caitlin Oppenheimer for serving as the primary architect and editor of the draft Stoddert PTO Bylaws.

Following is the Resolution that was approved on May 28, 2014:

Regarding Stoddert Community governing structure

Whereas, the current Stoddert parent-teacher group and its executive board have undertaken an examination of its name, structure and Bylaws, which has operated as the Stoddert Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for many years;

Whereas, the Bylaws of the group have not been updated since 2001 and do not currently represent the structure of how the executive board functions;

Whereas, being associated with the DC PTA (which is in turn associated with the national PTA) commits the Stoddert community to upholding the goals and mission of those organizations;

Whereas, the executive board unanimously voted in April 2014 to explore how to establish a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) which would create more autonomy for the organization and disassociate Stoddert from the DC and national PTAs;

Whereas, discussion of the issue ensued during the May 2014 General PTA meeting regarding whether there exists benefit to maintaining an association with the DC and national PTAs;

Whereas, an overview of the issue was prepared to provide the Stoddert Community additional background and support conversation on the issue; 

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Stoddert PTA disassociate from the DC PTA;
Therefore, be it resolved, that the PTA Executive Board is directed to take such action as is necessary to implement a governing structure of a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) with the creation of new Bylaws while ensuring the new PTO operates in a similar manner as the current PTA with an Executive Board and as a 501c3 organization. 

Vote Tally:   82 Yay;   7 Nay;   3 Abstaining;   92 Total Votes  
Resolution is Approved, May 28, 2014.


There is an executive board meeting every month for all those who hold elected positions. However, anyone is welcome to attend these board meetings. If you want to email the board with questions, comments, ideas you can reach them all by emailing

Stoddert 2014 – 2015

Stoddert 2013 – 2014

We also hold general PTA meetings which occur about once every other month, where all members (anyone who attends Stoddert!) are encouraged to attend.

PTA versus PTO – Comparison document
Burleith Citizens Association position 

Stoddert PTA Positions

Executive Committee (Elected positions)
Co–Presidents Mary Clare Claud
Leigh McKenna
VP Communications Jen Perry
Anne Banner
VP Budget Cristina Boccuti
Treasurer Tim Brown
VP Special Projects Robin Spence
VP Advocacy Nick Jacobs
VP Garden Maria O’Donnell
Secretary Allan Gordus
Local School Advisory Team Ginger Jacobs
David Clark
Robin Spence
Liz Ludgin
Six Schools Representative Tom Strike
Volunteer Committee Chairs
Back to School Potluck Mary Claire Claud
Delicy Ruiz
Fall Festival Chairs Caroline Adams
Kathryn Matto
Fillmore Arts Representative John Claud
Yearbook Pavani Challapalli
Meeting Childcare Coordinator Nitchet Quarles
Room Parent Coordinator Sarah Strike
Stoddert Directory Coordinator John Tichy
Teacher Appreciation Coordinator VOLUNTEER NEEDED!
Green School Coordinator Amy Nickel
Community Projects Coordinator VOLUNTEER NEEDED!
Big Chili Chair Chair – TBATom Strike – Master of Ceremonies/AuctioneerAlysa McClellan – Solicitations Chair (willing to lead a team of several people—we need volunteers!)Jason Orlando – Online Auction/FulfillmentNeil Hare – SponsorshipsCourtney Toomey – Onsite logistics and cateringAnne Banner – Communications
Book Fair Caitlin Oppenheimer
Restaurant Night Coordinator Laura Smith
BoxTops/Shopero Fundraising Juli Smith