Stoddert Elementary

Family Directory

If your child is new to Stoddert or your information in this year’s Directory is inaccurate or incomplete, submit the information that you want us to include/update in the 2014-15 Directory.

Use the directory to help you get to know your neighbors and fellow Stoddert parents. You can also use it to…

  • Arrange playdates
  • Plan birthday parties
  • Remember the name of that parent you met at Family Fun night!

The more people that put their info into it, the more useful it is

You can also sign up here to receive the Stoddert Chalkboard, the PTA’s email newsletter, with school news and events delivered to your inbox! You must enter a valid email address in your directory information to get the Chalkboard.

Download theĀ 2014-2015 Directory By Parent (updated 03/17/2015) andĀ 2014-2015 Directory By Class (updated 03/17/2015). These PDFs are password encrypted. Only current families of Stoddert may access these files. If you do not know the password, please contact