Stoddert Elementary

Stoddert Library Media Center

A Note from Our Interim Librarian

At this time of year, with all of its culminations and celebrations, the list of things you DON’T need to send to school for your child seems to be shorter than the “DO send” list. Still, I’m going to ask for one more very important thing. Can you and your child please search for any outstanding Stoddert library books? I always tell children to look under their beds, between their beds and the wall, in their cars, and on their bookshelves (on the off chance that they may have actually put something away)! Perhaps it can be a teachable moment as you discuss their growing maturity and the responsibility that goes along with the right to check out books (I say this as I’m pretty sure we too have a Georgetown library book rattling around under a car seat…).

Please note that I have been sending overdue notices home with children, and will be doing a final round of these in the coming weeks. Having been without a librarian for the first part of this school year, books from that era were not always checked out or checked back in properly. So if you receive an overdue notice that you are sure is in error, please make a note of that on your slip and send it back with your child. Thank you!

As summer approaches and the school year draws to a close, I will be providing suggestions for summer reading.

If you and your child do not already have DC Public Library (DCPL) cards, which are free, you may apply for them in person at any DCPL, or at the following website:

You can also find each day’s public library events at:[]=51&keys=[]=51&keys=

Please note that many are currently for pre-school children. However, you will find more activities for older children once school is over.

One important note about our Stoddert library organization days on June 7th & 8th, is that we will begin our work on the 7th a bit later than originally scheduled to accommodate the Fillmore performances. We will now work on the 7th from 3:15 -6:00 pm. Our Saturday times remain 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Thank you to those who have already volunteered! Please contact me at if you would also like to volunteer. We’ll have music, snacks, and lots of laughter to make the time fly!

In the month of May, students have been enjoying a variety of library activities. As we bring the school year to a close, we will not be checking books out after June 7th. Instead, each class will enjoy a “capstone” activity, related to their recent library projects or endeavors. It should be a fun way to close out the year, and encourage students to keep reading over the summer!

Finally, I want to thank the PTA, and all of Stoddert’s wonderful supportive parents, for giving me this opportunity to teach and nurture your children. I have enjoyed interacting with each and every one of them. I recently told a friend that this is the first job I’ve ever had where I’ve been worn out at the end of the day from giving out so much love. Now THAT’s a satisfying role. Best wishes for a happy summer!

Julie Schneider, Interim Librarian