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This Week from Dr. Cuthbert | January 27

Hello to All,

Is it possible that we move into February next week?  Wow, 2012 is marching along in double time.  It is a bit confusing to have rain, no rain, 60 degrees, 32 degrees, sun, no sun, and just plain, no snow.  We will have to see what Mother Nature has for us as February crops up this next school week.

We hosted another Open House this week and had many visitors again.  It is very rewarding for me to hear the comments of many who visit us.  They speak about the positive feel of the classrooms and building, the well-behaved students, and the lovely physical plant, and inquire about their chances of getting to join us.  I do have to tell all the prospective parents of Pre-K students that their chance of getting a seat is random after several preferences are awarded.  Our enrollment for next year, as mentioned last week, depends so much on parental decisions, which will be made soon.  So, I tell all parents seeking other grade levels that their chances are uncertain right now, but apply for out-of-boundary and see what happens, at all of their school choices.  Many leave saying they hope they can join us.

On February 3rd, we have a Professional Development Day so there will be no school for students.  We will work on more strategies and techniques for teaching English language arts even more effectively.  We also should have back data from the Paced-Interim Assessments given this past week.  We use these results to inform instruction.  If have not already marked your calendars and/or signed-up with your child’s teacher, please so do for February 6th, as this is Parent/Teacher Conference Day.  This means no school for the students.  I say this since we usually have some students come on no-student days, as the parents forgot to mark these.

Please schedule in lots of reading time as you plan your weekend events.  Read to your child(ren) or have them read to you.  It makes a huge difference to their success in school.   Also, let them experience some authentic learning about math at the grocery store, shopping for bargains, or adding up their minutes of independent reading.  Home and school working together equals continued success.

Happy Weekend!  I think I will read a good book :) !

Dr. C.

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