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For Your Consideration: A Glover Park Bike Rodeo

Fellow GP-ers,

We’d like to get your feedback on a proposed “Bike Rodeo” in Glover Park this coming spring. The tentative location is the basketball court at Guy Mason Recreation Center. Proposed dates include April 28th (Saturday), April 29th (Sunday), May 5th (Saturday) and May 6th (Sunday).

Bike Rodeo is the term Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) uses for a *fun* hands-on exercise using bikes and an obstacle course to teach kids the skills they need to safely stop and control their bikes. Anyone with a bike is welcome to participate, although WABA finds that kids up to age 12 are most interested in the event. Kids with training wheels are encouraged to participate too.

When WABA hosts a Bike Rodeo, most to all of these events are included: bicycle inspection, mounting, dismounting, straight line control, stopping ability, signaling turn, weaving & maneuvering (cones), small turning radius (“figure 8”) and slow speed control. Each participant usually takes around 15 minutes to complete the fun, interesting, educational, memorable course. Participants have fun while gaining hands-on safe biking training.

WABA instructors would host the event including design and setup of the course itself. The cost would be approximately $1,300-$1,500 ($975 for WABA instructors and equipment, plus permitting, insurance, and other expenses). If there is sufficient interest, we plan to approach ANC3B for funding.

The event would be open to participants from nearby neighborhoods assuming we are well within the 300 person event capacity.

If you or your family would be interested, please complete this very brief survey:

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. And, if you would like to assist with event organization or promotion, please send me an email.



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