Stoddert Elementary

This Week from Dr. Cuthbert | December 8

Greetings to All!

Yeah! The new Stoddert sweatshirts, sweatpants, and long-sleeved gold t-shirts have arrived, all sporting the Stoddert Wolf! A flyer will come early next week with prices listed for all the selections and times of sale. If you still have holiday shopping to do, please think Stoddert gear. The PTA is helping us get this all organized this year and will have items for sale next week as well as the short week before the Winter Break. Mother Nature will be bringing her winter winds, so think Stoddert hoodie and sweatpants—very fun, and a long-sleeved-gold t-shirt, very chic and warm!

To close out the 2011 year successfully, we need each of you to make sure that you have provided documentation of your child’s 2011-school-year-updated immunizations (we have many students who are listed as not up-to-date).  We still have many families who have not provided all the information that you might have and that we absolutely need.  Please help us clear our records, and more importantly, help us have the latest information about the health of your children. Nurse Kilgore is working hard to make us 100% compliant. We are monitored from the district level about our immunization rates—please help us reach excellence, as we do in all things at Stoddert ES.

May I please also remind all parents to submit your free-and-reduced lunch forms, if you wish to partake of this opportunity. Additionally, we need your IMPACT aid forms that help DCPS obtain federal aid to our schools. Thanks for helping us get all our “i”s dotted and our “t”s crossed  :-) !

Please remember that our winter holidays start on December 22nd and end on January 2nd, 2012. We will see all the Stoddert Wolves back on January 3rd, as we begin another positive and productive year.

Please forgive the self-disclosure, but my family is ROSE BOWL bound over the holidays!! My family, and my in-laws, for several generations have been Wisconsin graduates and Badgers, and are once again Rose Bowl bound. My husband, Bruce, now an avid Badger and Stoddert Wolf supporter, was in the marching band at Wisconsin during years that the Badgers did not go to the Rose Bowl. So, having the opportunity to celebrate with new generation family, my husband and I will take our son-in-law and two amazing grandsons (our vivacious daughter, Kristina, passed away from glioblastoma [brain cancer] about 3 years ago) to Pasadena, CA, for the Rose Bowl parade and game. If you do not have a favorite team already, please cheer for the BADGERS of WISCONSIN.

To you, your wonderful children, and all the dedicated teachers and staff, thanks for another incredible year, and Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!

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