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WABA Bike and Pedestrian Safety Program at Stoddert

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association‘s Youth Bicyclist Education program is coming to Stoddert, November 29 through December 1. The instruction will take place during the students’ regularly-scheduled gym classes, in the gym at Stoddert.

WABA’s program is divided into two sections: a pedestrian safety program for kindergarten through second-grade students, and a bicycle safety program for third grade through fifth-grade students. Both programs teach skills essential to developing a basic understanding of pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The instructors say that the first half of the class is typically spent watching a short video and a presentation. The second half is used to practice walking or biking skills. Stoddert’s instructors will be Glen Harrison and Dupree Heard. They will bring a van loaded with bikes, helmets, signs, cones, and everything they need to teach both bicycling and walking classes.

Sample Lessons from the WABA Lesson Handbook

Pedestrian Program (Grades K-2)
1. Crossing Safely
2. Bus Safety
3. Crossing the Intersection
4. Perils of the Parking Lot

Bicycle Program (Grades 3-5)
1. Always Wear Your Helmet
2. Preparing to Ride Safely
3. Learning About Traffic Laws and Hazards
4. Bike Skills I

The lessons are described in detail in the WABA Lesson Handbook, available on the web at:

If you have any questions about the program, you may email Coach Mitch Wagner at mcwagner77 [at]

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